The Perfect Partner!

The English Springer Spaniel, known just as Springer, is a very versatile, active and sociable dog.

He is the oldest representative for the Spaniels family and his hunting skills stayed intact through the years till today, although now he’s also considered as a pet and as a show dog.

A Springer is mostly a fun dog, sweet and dedicated to his owners. All this make him an ideal family dog. His temperament is based on his good will and on his easy training (intelligence if we want to be honest…). A Springer is really a family member, who lives every member’s day with emotion and amazing dedication.

They have a very adaptable temperament and thanks to his will to please his owner, this breed has been on the top at several dog sports but not only there. Besides the sports area, such as agility, this dogs exercise their hunting skills and have been making a difference in police work, in search and rescue teams or just obedience competitions. Their athletic posture and his beauty also make him a winner in dog shows, as a very attractive and successful breed.

A Springer is always a friendly and amusing dog, that loves children and sees them as playmates. It would be difficult to take them away from their “little” friend in adventures. Besides all the fun, it’s a trustful and balanced dog, not shy or aggressive in any way.

The Springer is known for being a very active hunter, very effective in the field and recovering the game, in dry land or in the water. This makes him a very versatile gun dog. He is a game lover and his ability to adapt himself to all hunting sceneries makes his owner proud. His special attraction to water is also one of his big qualities; it’s always a fun and natural environment. A hunter who seeks for a hunting companion finds in a Springer al the essential qualities, after the needed training.

The springers can have two different coats, liver and white or black and white. Although both can have tan marks on the inner ears, over the eyebrows, on the cheeks and beneath the tail.

In conclusion, we have a trustful friend, a “all road” outside and a family member inside the house.