Our first contact with this breed was through dogs imported from the United Kingdom as family and gun dogs. So, from early days we have lived our childhood with these dogs and soon we found out that besides all their hunting skills these dogs where excellent companions.

Founded in 2003 with the purpose to maintain a long family tradition that was nearly over, we decided to star our search for springers and we found our first bitch, with who we planned our first litter and so it started the São Barão Kennel.

As breeders we are set to breed healthy and beautiful dogs, selecting the bloodlines to try and obtain a tipical springer, a joyful dog and with a balanced temperament, besides good hunting skills, excelent show dogs, friendly with children and trustful companions. We’d like that every one that has a springer would have the same enthusiasm for their dogs personality and to be as proud as we are on our dogs.

In Portugal, this is considered a rare breed, as they’re not too many dogs registered. However, often we find people who know this breed, as they were previous owners of a springer and most time, they all say it was “the dog of their lives” and dream on having another springer as no other breed can match. It’s amazing to hear these stories that make us proud on being springer breeders. Most people know the springers for their hunting abilities but always say that they are so much more, a really family member.